About us

AgricOYO, the Oyo State Agricultural Initiative is an all-encompassing agricultural programme conceived by the Governor of Oyo State.

The Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi in his administration's efforts to diversify the economy of the State by urgently transforming agriculture into a preferred and sustainable economic activity for the state and a significant majority of its citizens.

Job creation, Poverty alleviation and Food Security through massive engagement of the human and material resources of the government and citizens of Oyo State all through the agricultural value chain.

Positioning Oyo State as the food basket of Southern Nigeria with the ultimate aim of servicing the food needs of the West African sub-region.

The programme provides a level-playing ground for all categories of individuals and organizations across state and national boundaries to participate in developing agriculture in Oyo State.

From the Unemployed, the Youth, Women and Men, Students and Farmers to Manufacturers, Universities, Research Institutes, Financial Institutions, Investors, Corporations, Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, Donor Agencies and all others involved in the agricultural value chain.

  • Partnering with a very enthusiastic Governor Abiola Ajimobi who is irrevocably and personally committed to transforming Agriculture into the net employer of labour in Oyo State.
  • A largely urbanised state that is endowed with the largest amount of arable land in the South of Nigeria.
  • A vast market about to be opened up and driven by some of the most competitive and business-friendly agrarian policies ever.
  • A business environment with the right mix of the market forces of demand and supply e.g a huge population, with highly educated manpower, established with considerable infrastructural and socio-economic competences, etc.
  • A market with the highest concentration of agro-allied research and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
  • The assurance of focused government support and mediation across all the stages of the agricultural value chain - from planting, processing to marketing.
  • An invitation to come 'Land In Wealth'!